Experience Workshop with Brett Renfer

Experience Design, Interaction, Environment - November 2015

As a quick prototype workshop, we developed a concept and working prototype in 4 hours. The brief was to help communication between entities in the city of Detroit. Employees are downtown working late and we decided to use an existing part of the city for communication. The Public Bus System. As these buses enter into the active space, a projection would occur on top of the bus that people could input to communicate between people from different floors and different buildings, giving them something to do at night when they take a break. I worked on concept development and code of this quick prototype of a scaled version. The bus is able to be pulled and we attached a mouse to the bottom to control the X axis allowing the type projection to follow on top of the bus. Users then can use their mobile device for new inputs.

What I learned
Brett introduced us to a new program he is developing called Spacebrew, which allows for easy communication between servers and processing.

Processing, Projection