Lost & Found: The Intangible Collection

Identity, Environmental - March 2016

Lost and Found: The Intangible Collection is a project based on incorporating chance methodologies and lateral thinking into our creative process. This project started out by choosing 12 locations within the Detroit area and then by using chance methods, narrowing it down to four. We then thoroughly researched each of our four places and began to see a larger pattern emerge. Each place at one point was a thriving business in the city and has now been lost or forgotten due to increasing gentrification within Detroit. We moved from a literal idea of lost and found, to a conceptual one by collecting stories from strangers about intangible things they have either lost or found. Examples include: hope, sense of humor, virginity, and even your social life. This project includes: a website: theintangiblecollection.com, screenprinted posters, postcards, t-shirts, stickers, and is also found on twitter and instagram @Int_Collection

What I learned
How to really play with chance operations, let the process drive the outcome.


Posters: 8.5x11 Screen-Printed