Mobile - February 2015

The news can be collected, packaged and presented in an endless array of channels. A single news event can be presented with a traditional, top down model or can be flipped with a social model, one that is bottom up. The news can be entertainment and satire. It can be collected/curated by humans, such as editors and reporters, or by the public, such as bloggers, twitter followers or between Facebook friends. It also can be shaped by the many filters that exist through it's "journey" from event to consumption.

With all of the young designers out there, getting feedback on your work is a key to growing. Grasp is targeting designers in high schools as well as college students. Getting students to ask more questions to others about their work will help them see there work in a new way, and learn from older students.

What I learned
Researching news consumption along with high schoolers in design settings.

Environmental Touch Screen