Storytelling, UI/UX, Interface - December 2014

Ford commissioned us to design the interior and user interface for a future autonomous car based in China in 2030. Our team name, Adapt, was derived from our research about the country and the continuous evolution of how society is changing there. Our team of six was made up of four transportation designers, one advertising designer and myself. Our main goal was to bring the family together. In China, family is highly valued. The car is looked to be one of the last opportunities for families to spend together. We created an interactive table that would live in the center of the car, in which all seats would face toward. It was powered by a digital assistant 'Lien', and a dial interface based on the environment through color and shape. You would be able to tap anywhere and bring up a menu where you could control all of the features of the car.

What I learned
We experienced the future of the automobile. Developing crazy concepts for what it could be, and having to bring ourselves back down to what would be feasible in 2030.

Jason Getty, Nick Tardani, Yifan Liu, Youjee Eileen, Carlo Gabriele.