CCS Graphic Design Department

Storytelling, UI/UX, Interface - December 2015

The Graphic Design department at College for Creative Studies came to the team of 8 asking for the story of our department to be told in a new way, internally and externally. The public does not always know everything we are doing in the department, so we came up with a system that spans from the walls inside our building to the web and even to the physical for high school students to interact with. The basis of the system consisted of a giant interactive screen by gesture, where you can move through the student body of work. The next was many other little interactions on the floor that it translated across including window projections and conditional design. Externally we developed a website and a maker box which consisted of current and alumni work and a way to interact with high school students to get them making things. It even included a makey makey go to jumpstart the technology. I specifically worked on internal communications, UI/UX of projection wall, window projections, and visual cues throughout space.

What I learned
There was many things I learned in this project, including testing of technology including the Kinect and LEAP Motion. Working with a team on heavy User Experience, making sure the user comes first and design is a second. If it does not work, the user will not want it.

LEAP Motion, Projection Masking, HTML, CSS, jQuery

Interactive Wall: 300in, Window Projections: 3.5ftx6ft

Jeff Paletta, Keegan Martin, Luna Shaaya